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English Teacher at Nanjing English First - Minimum 9500(NET) + Bonus+ Flight allowance

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English Teacher at Nanjing English First - Minimum 9500(NET) + Bonus+ Flight allowance

Position Information: 
1. Competitive salary beginning at 8000RMB/month upwards depending on teaching experience. 
2. 1500 RMB apartment allowance per month 
3. 6000-9000RMB bonus per contract year. 
4. 7000RMB flight allowance per contract year 
5. 10 days of paid vacation per contract year 
6. All documents provided for attaining a Working (Z) visa 
7. Working week of 30-40 hours (including teaching and office hours) 
8. Medical insurance provided through Erika ( 
9. Assistance in arranging accommodation if it is desired 
10. Management opportunities available for capable teachers willing to make a commitment to staying in Nanjing 
11. Initial and ongoing training

Requirements to be an EF teacher

• A committed teacher that can teach all ages of children. Some adult classes may be offered. 
• Teachers looking to work a minimum 12 month contract 
• Native English speakers from the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. 
• A Bachelor’s degree 
• Form of Teaching English certification 
• Past teaching experience and lesson planning

For teacher application we require: 
1. CV 
2. A copy of your passport 
3. A copy of your diploma/graduation certificate 
4. A recent passport photo 
5. References 
6. A copy of your physical examination (If you have this)

Contact information:

If you are interested teaching with EF, please contact 



English First opened in Nanjing in August 2002. We are a SAFEA licensed organization. This means that we can recruit foreign teachers legally. Currently, we have two training centers in different locations of the downtown area. English First has a reputation for excellence in language teaching. At EF Nanjing our teachers teach a wide variety of learner groups, ranging from young learners to teen classes, student ages range from 4 – 17 years old. There are also Real English classes for college and adult students. The school has a Corporate English program, focusing on English training for large companies and businesses in and around Nanjing.

City Information

Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, is situated on the Yangtze River. The city plays an important role in the economy, transportation and education of Eastern China, and is the second largest commercial port in Eastern China after Shanghai. 
Nanjing occupies an area of about 6.6 thousand sq km. (1.6 million acres), with a population of more than 6 million. 
Nanjing has a very modern city infrastructure with excellent public transport (incl. two subway lines) and is less than two hours away by hi-speed train from Shanghai.

Nanjing is one of the best-known ancient capital cities of China and boasts a long history and a heritage of world-famous culture. Since the third century AD, ten dynasties in China, including the epochal Republic of China founded by Sun Yat Sen, established Nanjing as their capital. 

Start Date: asap 

please send your resume ,the copy of your passport and visa ,your recent colour photo to us :

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